Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rivers & Countries

Nelson - Issuing from NE of Lake Winnipeg & flowing to Hudson Bay.

Kolyma - N-E Siberia

Olenek - Nothern Siberian region

Don - Fourth largest in Europe. Rises near Tula & flows to Sea of Azov

Pechora - Rises in Urals & flows into Arctic

Liao - Liaoning province of China

Fraser - British Columbia (Canada).

Loire - The longest river in France

Daugava - Rises in Russia, Belarus, Latvia & then into Gulf of Riga

Tagus - Spain

Neman River - Belarus & flows into Baltic Sea

Ebro - Spain

Garonne - Spain

James River - Virginia, United States

Waikato - New Zealand’s longest river

Merrimack - N. E. United States.