Friday, January 10, 2014

Ali Larayedh, the Prime Minister of Tunisia resigned

Ali Larayedh

Ali Larayedh, the Prime Minister of Tunisia resigned from his office on 9 January 2014. With his resignation, the country will be led by the caretaker Government of technocrats led by led by new Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa.
He resigned following a deal between the Islamist Ennahda Party of Ali Larayedh and the secular opposition for a transition to the democracy in the country. It’s likely that the name of Mehdi Jomaa will be announced by the President of Tunisia for appointment. Tunisia as a country has been the birthplace of the Arab Spring and its transition to democracy.
Resignation of Ali Larayedh is being viewed as the failure of the party to manage the transition of Tunisia to democracy after ouster of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the autocrat of Tunisia in 2011. Under the compromise, the Ennahda party has paved a way for main opposition Nidaa Tounes to relinquish power. As per the agreement the national assembly of the country will vote on a new Constitution and the elections would be held in 2014. An electoral council has been appointed to oversee the vote.