Wednesday, January 1, 2014

World’s first artificial heart transplant performed in France


The first human artificial heart implantation performed in Georges Pompidou Hospital, Paris on 18 December 2013 was successful.
The artificial heart designed by the French biomedical firm Carmat and developed by the Dutch based European Aeronautic Defence and Space Comp any (EADS).
The artificial heart can give patients up to five years of extra life, which replaces the real heart. The previous heart assistance devices are created mainly for temporary use.
The artificial heart uses  biomaterials  including bovine tissue and an array of sensors to mimic the contractions of the heart. The patient has to wear a belt of lithium batteries to power the heart.
Inside the heart, surfaces that come into contact with human blood are made partly from bovine tissue instead of synthetic materials which can cause blood clots.
The artificial heart weighs as little as less than a kilogram (900grams), almost three times heavier than an average healthy human heart.