Sunday, March 31, 2013

French School of Thought

1. Vidal de la Blache (1848-1918 AD) - Founder of Human Geography. ‘Pays’ as basic homogenous region to study as opposed to drainage basins. He developed the idea of ‘Terrestrial Unity’. Wrote, ‘Principles de Geographie Humaine’. Founded a journal called, ‘Annals de Geographie’.

2. Jean Brunhes - Gave the concept of “Terrestrial Harmonies’ – Man & his environment. Wrote ‘Geographie Humaine: Essai de classification positive’. He divided human geography into unproductive occupation of the soil, Plants & animal conquest & destructive exploitation.

3. Elise Reclus - Disciple of Carl Ritter & a determinist. Wrote ‘La Terra’.

4. De Martonne - Major work in physical geography. Son in law of Blache. Wrote ‘Traite de Geographique Physique’.

5. Camille Vallaux - Wrote ‘Les Sciences Geographiques’.

6. Albert Demangeon - Devoted most of the time to editing ‘Annals’. Wrote ‘Problems de Geographie Humaine”. Interested in rural settlements.