Saturday, March 30, 2013

Famous quotations

1. ‘Geography is concerned to provide accurate, orderly & rational description & interpretation of the variable character of earth suface’. - Hartshorne

2. ‘Man is the product of the earth’s surface’. - Ellen Semple

3. ‘Man is a geographical agent & not the least.’ - Lucien Febvre

4. ‘There are no necessities but everywhere possibilities’. - Lucien Febvre.

5. ‘Mutually coordinated & not subordinated in space’ – on Possibilism - Hettner

6. Climatic influences are persistent, often obdurate in their control - Semple

7. Routes through which people have migrated have impressed upon their social characteristics - -   Demolins.

8. Supreme achievements of civilization were bounded by climate - Huntington.

9. Everywhere man contributes in inverting the physiognomy of earth - Brunhes

10. Geography is the mirror & reveals essence of human existence & striving - Yi Fu Tuan

11. Humanism is a conviction that men & women can best improve their lives by thinking & acting for themselves & especially by excercising their capacity for reason.  - Ralph

12. We should study the earth as if we were sitting in a balloon & looking down upon it. - Brunhes