Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Important Isopleths

1. Isogones- Equal magnetic declination

2. Isohel- Equal amount of sunlight.

3. Isobront -Thunderstorm at the same time

4. Isocheim -Same mean winter temperature

5. Isothere- Same mean summer temperature

6. Isanomal -Isopleth of Anomaly

7. Isochrones- Equal travel time from a common center.

8. Isohypse- Or Contour lines

9. Isonif -Amount of Snow

10. Isophene -Isopleths of seasonal phenomena

11. Isopotential -Surface to which artesian water can rise

12. Isorymes- Equal frost

13. Isarithm -A line representing continuous value on map

14. Isonephs- Equal cloudiness

15. Co-seismal lines- Simultaneous seismic activity

16. Isopach- Equal thickness of geological strata

17. Isotach- Same wind speed

18. Isotherombrose -Equal ratio of summer rainfall to annual rainfall

19. Isochasm- Equal frequency of aurorae

20. Isodynamic- Equal magnetic intensity

21. Isogen- Equal birthrates

22. Isokeraunic -Equal occurrence of thunderstorms