Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Various Measuring Instruments

1. Lysimeter -Evapo-Transpiration

2. Anemometer- Wind

3. Psychrometer- Humidity

4. Planimeter -Area on Maps

5. Pantograph -Enlargement & Reduction of Maps

6. Parallax Bar- Measuring elevations from topographical maps.

7. Abney level- Measuring angles in a vertical plane

8. Clinometer -Angles in vertical plane

9. Dumpy level -Measure angles both in horizontal & vertical plane

10. Theodolite -Measure angles both in horizontal & vertical plane

11. Spectroradiometer- Measures spectral reflectance at different wavelengths.

12. Stereoscope -View photos in 3D view. Channelises one image to one eye.

13. Opisometer/ Meilograph -Measuring length of curved lines on a map.

14. Eidograph- Enlargement & Reduction of maps

15. Alidade -A sighting device or pointer for angular measurement used in plane table survey.

16. Aneroid Barometer -Used for measuring altitude as pressure decreases with height

17. Sextant -Used to measure angle of objects located on the field