Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Important Local Winds of the World

Cold Winds

1. Mistral- Blows in Spain & France from N-W to S-E. Common during winter

2. Bora- Blows along the shores of the Adriatic sea.

3. Blizzard -Snow laden wind in canada.

4. Purga- Snow laden wind in Russian tundra. Much like Buran.

5. Bise- An extremely cold wind in France

6. Levanter- Blows in strait of Gibraltar between Spain & Morocco.

7. Pampero- Pampas of S. America

8. Papagayo -Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua.

9. Haboob- Sudan

10. Friagem- Amazon Valley

11. Buran -Eastern Russia & central Siberia

12. Norther- Texas, Gulf of Mexico & western carribean

13. Etesian- Eastern Mediterranean.

14. Surazo -Cold wind blowing from Argentinean pampas & Patagonia.

15. Norte -A strong cold northeasterly wind which blows in Mexico.

16. Tehuantepecer -This is a violent, squally wind from north or north-east in S. Mexico.

Hot winds

1. Fohn -Warm & dry local winds blowing on leeward side of Alps in Switzerland.

2. Chinook- Warm & dry local winds blowing on leeward side of Rockies in USA

3. Harmattan -Blowing from east & northeast towards west in Sahara

4. Brickfielder -Victoria province of Australia

5. Black Roller- Great plains of USA

6. Shamal- Mesopotamia & Persian Gulf

7. Norwester- New Zealand

8. Sirocco -From Sahara over Mediterranean. Known as khamsin in Egypt, Chili in Tunisia, Gibli in Libya, Levech in Spain & Leste in Madiera & Morocco.

9. Simoom -Warm & dry dusty wind in the Arabian desert

10. Santa Ana- S. California – blowing out of Santa Ana canyon

11. Yamo -A warm & dry wind in Japan

12. Zonda -A warm & dry wind of the Andean valleys in Argentina

13. Tramontane -A warm wind of central Europe.

14. Samun -Warm wind in Iran

15. Karaburan -Hot dusty wind in central Asia – Tarim basin, Mongolia.

16. Berg- A hot dry wind blowing from interior in South Africa.

17. Shamal -A hot wind of Iraq and the Persian gulf

18. Austru -Dry blows from the lee side of the mountains in Romania (much like fohn).

19. Almwind -Local name of fohn that blows in Hungary & Poland over Tatra mountains.