Tuesday, March 26, 2013


1. Island of Cloves -Zanzibar

2. Land of Lilies -Canada

3. Land of Golden Fleece -Australia

4. Port of Five Seas -Moscow

5. Island of Pearls- Bahrain

6. Hermit Kingdom -Korea

7. Land of Golden Pagoda -Yangoon (Myanmar)

8. City of Canals- Venice

9. Holy Land -Palestine

10. Herring Pond -Atlantic

11. City of Golden Gate- Sand Francisco

12. City of dreaming Spires- Oxford

13. Land of Canals- Netherlands

14. Empire city- New York

15. Land of Cakes- Scotland

16. Land of Eskimos- Greenland

17. Island of Pearls -Bahrain

18. Granite City -Aberdeen, Scotland

19. Garden of England- Kent

20. Cockpit of Europe- Belgium

21. City of brotherly Love -Philadelphia

22. City of Magnificent Distances -Washington DC

23. Gateway of tears -Bab-el-Mandab

24. Textile Capital of Russia- Ivanovo

25. Manchester of Japan- Osaka (Textile)

26. Emerald City -Ireland

27. The pearl of the Antilles -Cuba